Scott D. Boden, MD, FAOA
Member of the Transformational Virgil P. Gibney Society

In recognition of Dr. Boden’s transformational gift to the AOA, the Executive Committee honored Dr. Boden by renaming the Emerging Leaders Forum as the Scott D. Boden Emerging Leaders Forum in June 2023.  Dr. Boden’s vision was instrumental in designing and implementing this program in his early years at AOA.

About Scott D. Boden

Dr. Boden’s sustained impact on orthopaedics since residency has been significant.  He has co-authored over 200 peer reviewed articles, edited numerous textbooks and chapters, and has received over 40 U.S. patents.  He has spoken extensively on his favorite topics of musculoskeletal imaging, bone healing and regeneration, and multidisciplinary approaches to musculoskeletal care.  He has spent his entire 30+ year career at Emory and served on multiple committees as well as serving as Director of the Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center for 20+ years, Chair of the Department of Orthopaedics, System Vice President for Business Innovation and Strategic Partnership Development, and most recently as Emory Healthcare’s first Chief Strategy Officer – all while continuing to care for patients and leading an NIH-funded translational research program. 

Dr. Boden served as President of the AOA in 2013-14, and for the Eastern Orthopaedic Association, The International Society for Study of the Lumbar Spine, and has been an officer in the Orthopaedic Research Society.  He is a winner of the Kappa Delta Research Award, and over 15 research awards from the top spine societies.  However, Dr. Boden’s greatest accomplishment has been helping Mary raise their 5 children, of which all four daughters chose to enter the field of orthopaedics.  Without the support of his entire family, friends, and clinical partners and scientific collaborators, none of these achievements would have been possible.

About the Transformational Virgil P. Gibney Society

The highest giving level of the 1887 Circle is the Virgil P. Gibney Transformational Society. Dr. Gibney played an essential role in the AOA’s founding and served as the AOA’s first President. He is also the only person to have served as AOA President twice. 

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