Members requesting a status change to be considered at the AOA Annual Meeting, March or November Committee Meetings must be in good standing prior to their request being reviewed by the Membership and Executive Committees.

Members submitting a status change to be reviewed at the March Committee Meeting do not need to confirm their attendance at the Annual Meeting.

Members that submit a status change request by June 1 to be reviewed at the AOA Annual Meeting will need to confirm if they will/will not be attending the Annual Meeting. If they plan to attend the AOA Annual Meeting, current year dues must be remitted and any approved status change will take effect the following year.

If the member does not plan to attend, no current year dues payment will be required if the status change request is approved at the AOA Annual Meeting; status changes will take effect immediately upon approval.

For members requesting a status change after the Annual Meeting, the current year’s dues must be paid prior to review by the Membership and Executive Committees at the November Meeting.