The AOA is guided by the vision and activities of its committees. Each year, AOA members are asked for their interest in serving on a committee or taskforce.

Sets the Strategic Vision for the organization and ensures appropriate resources.

Term: 3-year appointments through standard process; exception is Nominating committee which is a 1-year term, and Bylaws which is addressed by the Secretary with proposed changes considered directly by the Executive committee.**

**Modification of the Bylaws required.





Takes strategic direction set by Board and codifies into actionable goals with attached metrics; tracks progress over time.

Term: 3-year appointments through standard process.


Critical Issues/Educational Programming

Development/Donor Support


Own the Bone

These less formal groups engage members directly in the creation of program development and delivery. Projects are of limited scope & variable duration (typically less than one year) based on purpose.

Term: Defined per project need; appointments made by Taskforce Chair

Work is accomplished by call only unless the group decides to informally meet in person.

  • CORD/Academics
  • Webinars
  • Conference Planning
  • Resources/Tools
  • Department Leadership Forums
  • Critical Issues/Educational Programming
  • Annual Meeting
  • Roundtables
  • Posters
  • Publications
  • Leadership
  • Awards
  • Regional Programs
  • Fellowships
  • Young Leaders Program/Initiatives
  • Own the Bone
  • Publications
  • Epic/Registry Research Group
  • Strategic Alliances