The AOA addresses critical issues impacting the profession as a core component of its mission. This manifests in the following ways:

Annual Meeting Symposia
Symposia are at the core of the AOA Annual Leadership Meeting and address the most relevant topics impacting the profession. Submit a symposia or abstract for the 2022 meeting.
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Diversity Initiatives
AOA continues to expand its focus on increasing diversity within orthopaedics through Community Outreach Projects, symposia, and collaborating with groups like the Perry Initiative.
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Own the Bone
AOA took a leadership role in addressing the critical issue of fragility fractures via a symposium in 2005. From there, the Fracture Liaison Service/QI program known as Own the Bone was created.
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AOA Podcast
Subscribe to AOA’s Podcast: Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership to hear from members and guests discussing critical issues in orthopaedics. A new episode available each month.
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Advisory Panels
AOA assembles experts to provide insight to our industry partners via a 2-3 hour in-depth discussion.  Such collaborations help develop products, which allow orthopaedic surgeons to advance science and deliver the best musculoskeletal care.
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AOA Manuscripts in JBJS
Each year, AOA symposia are published as manuscripts in JBJS. These manuscripts help to advocate and implement change in the orthopaedic community by providing a summary of outcomes identified in these symposia.
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