The AOA is grateful for the following donors who made this recognition possible with their generous donations which also supports the AOA leadership programs.

Marc Angerame, MD
Nomaan Ashraf, MD
David M. Banks, MD
Michael Bates, MD
Christopher C. Bray, MD
Brian Brighton, MD
Jason Capo, MD
Virginia Casey, MD
Eric Chamberlin, MD
Bruce E. Cohen, MD, FAOA
Patrick M. Connor, MD, FAOA
Eric W. Edmonds, MD, FAOA
Kent Ellington, MD
T. Scott Ellison, MD
Chad M. Ferguson, MD
Dr. Steven L. & Lisa K. Frick
Glenn Gaston, MD
Franklin Gettys, MD
William Lewis Griffin, MD
Nady Hamid, MD, FAOA
Gavin Hart, MD
Serena S. Hu, MD, FAOA
Robert S. Humble, MD
William Huntington, MD
Steven Montgomery Kane, MD, FAOA
Jeffrey S. Kneisl, MD
Marshall Kuremsky, MD
Timothy Larson, MD
Eric B. Laxer, MD
Ian Lin, MD
Bryan J. Loeffler, MD
Robert Philip Lonergan, III, MD
Gregg Lundeen, MD
Dr. David & Donna Mauerhan
Marc Milia, MD
Harvey Montijo, MD
Claude T. Moorman, III, MD, FAOA
Robert Morgan, MD
Daniel B. Murrey, MD, MPP, FAOA
Gabriella E. Ode, MD
Drs. Rhonda and Joshua Patt
Crystal Perkins, MD
Laura S. Phieffer, MD, FAOA
Scott E. Porter, MD, MBA, FACS, FAOA
John Rodriguez-Feo MD
Brian P. Scannell, MD, FAOA
Paul C. Siffri, MD
Scott Leander Smith, MD
Leo R. Spector, MD, FAOA
James S. Starman, MD
Doug Stull, MD
Owen Britt Tabor, Jr., MD
Owen Britt Tabor, Sr., MD, FAOA
Mark & C.C. Tenholder
George J. Trappey, IV, MD
Alan Valadie, MD
J. Fred Wade, MD
Norman Waldrop, III, MD
Frederick Gregory Wolf, MD
Julie Woodside, MD