Thank You to Our Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for their gifts and pledge payments which directly benefit designated AOA programs.

With such a select membership, each individual’s contributions to the specialty and to the AOA make a significant difference and impact upon the AOA’s ability to expand and enhance programming that benefits the orthopaedic community.

Innovators ($100,000-$249,999)

Dr. Scott & Mary Boden
Vincent D. & Nancy B. Pellegrini, Jr., MD, FAOA
Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., MD, FAOA

Ambassadors ($50,000-$99,999)

John A. Bergfeld, MD, FAOA
C. McCollister Evarts, MD, FAOA
Hospital for Special Surgery
Dr. Frank R. & Mrs. JoAnne Noyes
Roy W. Sanders, MD, FAOA

Leaders ($20,000-$49,999)

Dr. Kevin P. Black & Maria Hamilton
Dr. John J. & Kim Callaghan
Dr. George & Martha Dyer
Drs. James & Roberta Ficke
Dr. Mike & Barbara Simon
Mark S. Vrahas, MD
Dr. Stuart L. & Lynn Weinstein

Partners ($10,000-$19,999)

W.Z. “Buz” Burkhead, Jr., MD, FAOA
Dr. Gregory & Dana Carlson
Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD, FACS, PhD, FAOA
Rex C. Haydon, MD, PhD, FAOA &
Maria Lozada, PhD
The William Hennrikus Family
Serena S. Hu, MD, FAOA*
Kyle J. Jeray, MD, FAOA
Clement K. Jones, MD
Samir Mehta, MD, FAOA
Dr. Gregory A. & Madelyn A. Mencio
Dr. Justin & Lindsay Miller
Drs. Walter & Julie Samora
John Francis Sarwark, MD, FAOA
Dan M. Spengler, MD, FAOA
Dr. Robert & Charlee Sterling
Peter J. Stern, MD, FAOA
Dr. Eric & Stacey Strauss
Dr. Marc & Beth Swiontkowski
Dr. Steven & Susan Theiss
Dr. Thomas & Tammy Wright

Sustainers ($5,000-$9,999)

Matthew P. Abdel, MD
Dr. Todd & Barbara Albert*
Annunziato Amendola, MD, FAOA
April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, FAOA &
Mark Hubbard
Judith F. Baumhauer, MS, MD, MPH, FAOA
Dr. Jonathan & Stephanie Braman
Andrew D. Bunta, MD, FAOA*
Stephen S. Burkhart, MD, FAOA
Robert Crowell
Charles M. Davis, III, MD, FAOA, PhD
Marc T. Galloway, MD
Dr. Kevin & Janette Garvin
Dr. Alexander & Patrice Ghanayem
Andreas Gomoll, MD
Mark Goodman
Dr. Christopher & Cynthia Harner
Andrew Hecht, MD, FAOA
James A. Hill, MD, FAOA
Paul H. Johnson, MD
James D. Kang, MD, FAOA
Dr. Stephen & Amy Kates
Keith & Patty Kenter
Amy L. Ladd, MD, FAOA
Robert E. Leach, MD, FAOA
Dr. Terry & Hollis Light
David W. Manning, Jr., MD, FAOA
Dr. Vasilios (Bill) & Emily Moutzouros
James Parolie
Hari Parvataneni, MD
Mark D. Price, MD
George F. Rapp, MD, FAOA*
J. Spence Reid, MD, FAOA
Dr. Bruce & Rebecca Rougraff
Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD
Samantha Spencer
Dr. Ann E. Van Heest & Greg Van Heest
Jon J.P. Warner, MD, FAOA
Keith Collins Watson, MD
Yale Orthopaedic Association

Patrons ($1,000-$4,999)

Timothy S. Ackerman, DO, FAOA, FAOAO
Animesh Agarwal, MD, FAOA
S. Elizabeth Ames, MD, FAOA
Howard S. An, MD
Mark Anders
Thomas Anderson
Paul M. Apyan, MD, FAOA
Dr. Michael and Lynne Archdeacon
Robert A. Arciero, MD, FAOA
George Athwal
David E. Attarian, MD, FACS, FAOA
Dr. Raffi S. & Theresa Avedian
Michael C. Aynardi, MD
Tessa Balach, MD, FAOA
Mark E. Baratz, MD, FAOA
William L. Bargar, MD, FAOA
Hany Bedair, MD, FAOA
Drs. Claire Beimesch & Shaun Spielman
Norman E. Beisaw, MD
David Bellamy, MD
Robert Bielski, MD, FAOA
Dr. Louis U. Bigliani & Dr. Anne B. Krementz
Dr. & Mrs. Joel & Cheryl Boyd
Martin I. Boyer, MD, FAOA
Kevin J. Bozic, MD, FAOA, MBA
Lloyd Briggs, MD
Mark R. Brinker, MD, FAOA
Robert D. Bronstein, MD, FAOA
Reid Brown
Laura Marie Bruse, MD, FAOA*
Tony Bryant
J. Kenneth Burkus, MD, FAOA
Jonathan Buzzell
Miguel E. Cabanela, MD
Douglas Carlan, MD
Edmund Y.S. Chao, MD, PhD
Neal Chen, MD, FAOA & Evelyne Lo
Camille Connelly
David V. Craft, MD
Charles S. Day, MD, FAOA, MBA
Tom & Kassie Day
Mark Deitch
Patrick J. DeMeo, MD, FAOA
Ronald L. DeWald, MD, FAOA
Matthew R. DiCaprio, MD, FAOA
Joshua Scott Dines, MD, FAOA
Jeffrey Dodd, MD
Paul Dougherty, MD, FAOA
Bradley Dunkin
Thomas Duquin, MD
John L. Eady, MD, FAOA
Frank Eismont, MD, FACS, FAOA
John Elfar, MD, FACS, FAOA
Sanford E. Emery, MD, MBA, FAOA &
Gwen A. Emery, MD
Cynthia L. Emory, MD, MBA, FAOA
Paul W. Esposito, MD
Mark Fahey
Edward Fox, MD, FAOA
Jeff Fox
John Franklin, MD
Brett A. Freedman, MD, FAOA
Dr. Steven L. & Lisa K. Frick
Eric Fynn-Thompson, MD
Robert A. Gallo, MD, FAOA
Steven Gammon, MD
Parker Gibbs, MD, FAOA
Dr. Charles A. Goldfarb & Talia B. Goldfarb
John T. Gorczyca, MD, FAOA*
Gregory Grabowski, MD, FAOA
Mike Greiwe, MD and Molly Greiwe
Konrad I. Gruson, MD, FAOA
Jacob Gunzenhaeuser, MD
S. Trent Guthrie, MD, FAOA
Pierre Guy, MD, FRCSC
Donald Hackbarth, MD, FACS
Kevin Hardt, MD
Mitchel B. Harris, MD, FAOA
Christopher Chambliss Harrod, MD
Richard J. Haynes, MD, FAOA
Chris Helmstedter
Robert N. Hensinger, MD, FAOA
Jon and Trinette Hernandez
James H. Herndon, MD, FAOA*
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, FAOA
MaCalus V. Hogan, MD, FAOA, MBA
Steve Hoover
Drs. Paul & Jeanne Huddleston
Steven S. Hughes
Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD, FAOA
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD, FAOA
James Jackman
Michelle A. James, MD, FAOA
Brad Jaquith, MD
Brian Jewett, MD
Dr. Alvin & Yemisi Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Juliano
Sanjeev Kakar, MD, MRCS, FAOA
David M. Kalainov, MD, FAOA, MBA
Dr. Richard & Dana Kang
Philip Karpos, MD
James R. Kasser, MD, FAOA
Tyler Keller, MD
Todd C. Kelley, MD, FAOA
Derek M. Kelly, MD, FAOA
Matthew Kelly
The P.J. Kelly Family
John Ketz, MD, FAOA
Hubert T. Kim, MD, FAOA, PhD*
David M. King, MD, FAOA
Harold B. Kitaoka, MD, FAOA
Jeffrey S. Kneisl, MD, FAOA
L. Andrew Koman, MD, FAOA
Mukund Komanduri, MD
John E. Kuhn, MD, FAOA
Jennifer Laine
Matthew Langenderfer, MD
Timothy Larson, MD
Cato Laurencin, MD, PhD, FAOA &
Mrs. Cynthia Laurencin/The
Helen I. Moorehead-Laurencin MD Foundation
Dr. Donald & Dawn Lee
Guy Lee, MD
David B. Levine, MD, FAOA
Dr. William Levine & Jill Konviser-Levine
Valerae O. Lewis, MD, FAOA
Bennie G.P. Lindeque, MD
Dieter Lindskog, MD, FAOA
John P. Lubicky, MD, FAOA
Scott Lynch, MD, FAOA
William B. Macaulay, Jr., MD, FAOA
John Mangelson
Jeffrey E. Martus, MD, FAOA
John A. McAuliffe, MD & Marilyn W.
McAuliffe, PhD
Peter D. McCann, MD, FAOA
Stephen M. McCollam, MD, FAOA
Edward Barry McDonough, MD, FAOA
John McElwain, FRCS
Michael McNamara, MD
Charles T. Mehlman, DO, MPH
Dr. & Mrs. Francis X. Mendoza
Laura Meyers
Dr. Lyle and Mrs. Anne Micheli
Christopher B. Michelsen, MD, FAOA
Joseph Mileti, MD
Anna N. Miller, MD, FAOA
David Monson, MD
Bryan Moon
Drew D. Moore, MD
Brent J. Morris, MD
Michael P. Mott, MD, FAOA*
Brian Mullis, MD, FAOA, FACS
Ahmad N. Nassr, MD, FAOA
Mike Neel
Nicole Nemeth
Ashley Nord, MD
James A. Nunley, II, MD
Lukas M. Nystrom, MD, FAOA
William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH, FAOA
Dr. Regis J. & Carol O’Keefe
William L. Oppenheim, MD, FAOA
Fabio Orozco, MD
Norman Y. Otsuka, MD, FAOA
Richard Owens
George Papacostas
Shital Parikh, MD, FAOA
Dr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Parsons, III
Drs. Joshua and Rhonda Patt
Francis Patterson, MD
Michael J. Patzakis, MD, FAOA
Preston J. Phillips, MD, FAOA*
Kevin D. Plancher, MD, FACS, MPH
Scott E. Porter, MD, MBA, FACS, FAOA
Zachary D. Post, MD
Nicholas Pulos, MD
R. Lor Randall, MD, FAOA & Susannah G. Randall
Deepak Reddy, MD
Richard S. Riggins, MD, FAOA
James Romanowski, MD
Anthony A. Romeo, MD, FAOA
Peter S. Rose, MD, FAOA
Samuel R. Rosenfeld, MD, FAOA*
Dr. Chip Routt & Dr. Janet Johnson
Coleen S. Sabatini, MD, MPH, FAOA
Felix H. Savoie, III, MD, FAOA
Brian P. Scannell, MD, FAOA
Mark T. Scarborough, MD, FAOA
Christopher C. Schmidt
Richard David Schmidt, MD, FAOA
Dr. Miguel & Jennifer Schmitz
Richard M. Schwend, MD, FAOA
Edward B. Self, MD
Andrew Shinar
Franklin H. Sim, MD, FAOA
Adam Smith, MD
Andre R. Spiguel, MD, FAOA
Robert Steffner, MD
Brad Stephens
Robert J. Strauch, MD, FAOA
Patrick Sweeney, MD
Vish Talwalkar
Dr. William & Judy Thorpe
Thomas Throckmorton, MD, FAOA
Vernon T. Tolo, MD, FAOA
Dr. Matthew Lee & Mrs. Tracie Jean Tweet
James R. Urbaniak, MD, FAOA
Thomas P. Vail, MD, FAOA
Robert E. Van Demark, Jr., MD, FAOA
Zeke J. Walton, MD, FAOA
Dr. Jeffrey & Christina Wang
Daniel C. Wascher, MD, FAOA*
Mark Weidenbaum, MD, FAOA
Scott D. Weiner, MD, FAOA
Justin & Tiffany West
Dr. Bruce and Pam Wheeler
Brent Whited
Jon Whitehurst
Gerald R. Williams, Jr., MD, FAOA
Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD, FAOA
Jonathon Wolf, MD
Andrew M. Wong, MD, FAOA
M. Daniel Wongworawat, MD, FAOA
Dr. Rick & Lana Wright
L. Daniel Wurtz, MD
Brad Wyrsch, MD
Jung U. Yoo, MD, FAOA
Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, FAOA



















Friends (up to $999)

Mark A. Adams, MD, FAOA
Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD, FAOA
Edward Akelman, MD, FAOA
Dirk H. Alander, MD, MHA, FAOA
Benjamin A. Alman, MD, FAOA
Arnold B. Alqueza, MD
Hasham Alvi, MD
Christian Anderson
Michael Angeline
Andrew T. Assenmacher, MD
Aravind Athiviraham, MD, FAOA, FRCSC
Samer Attar, MD, FAOA
Daniel C. Austin, MD
David C. Ayers, MD, FAOA
Emily Barlow
Stephen Barr
Sudhir Belagaje
Mark Bergin, MD
Abhiram R. Bhashyam, MD, PhD
Stephen Bigach, MD
Theodore A. Blaine, MD, FAOA
Philip E. Blazar, MD, FAOA
Deb Bohn, MD
Nicolas Bonnaig
Robert Boykin
Steven Brantley
Edward W. Bray, III, MD, FAOA
Robert H. Brophy, MD, FAOA
Gregory A. Brown, MD, FAOA, PhD
Eli Bryk, MD, FAOA
Bennet Butler, MD
Frank P. Cammisa, Jr., MD, FAOA*
Christopher L. Camp, MD
Antonia F. Chen, MD, FAOA, MBA
George F. Chimento, MD, FAOA, FACS
Dr. Chris & Lynne Chiodo
Michael Chioffe
Robert H. Cho, MD, FAOA
Robert A. Christian, MD, MBA
Danielle Chun, MD
Akin Cil, MD
Neil Clerk, MD
Christopher Collier, MD
Alexis C. Colvin, MD, FAOA
Patrick J. Connolly, MD, FAOA
Roger Cornwall, MD, FAOA
Charles Cox, MD, FAOA, MPH
John R. Crockarell, Jr., MD, FAOA
Benjamin Davis, MD
Joseph C. DeFiore, Jr., MD, FAOA
Dimitri E. Delagrammaticas, MD
Ronald Delanois, MD, FAOA
Jesse C. DeLee, MD, FAOA
Marlene DeMaio, MD, FAOA
Jaime Rice Denning, MD, FAOA
Brandon Devers, MD
Seth D. Dodds, MD, FAOA
Shevaun M. Doyle, MD, FAOA*
Bradley Dunlap, MD
Christopher J. Dy, MD, FACS, MPH
Brandon Elizabeth Earp, MD, FAOA
Daniel C. Farber, MD, FAOA*
Larry D. Field, MD, FAOA
Robert L. Fisher, MD, FAOA
Waldo E. Floyd, III, MD, FAOA
John R. Fowler, MD, FAOA
Gary E. Friedlaender, MD, FAOA
Raymond Glenn Gaston, MD, FAOA
Rick Gennett
Daniel Gibbs, MD
Kristin Olds Glavin, ESQ
Steven Z. Glickel, MD, FAOA
David Gloystein, MD
Rahul Gokhale
Wayne M. Goldstein, MD, FAOA
Gregory J. Golladay, MD, FAOA
Dr. Brian and Erin Grawe
Daniel W. Green, MD, FAOA
Stephen M. Gryzlo, MD, FAOA
Kenneth R. Gundle, MD
Gregg Gurwitz
Daniel Guss, MD, MBA
Mark E. Hake, MD
Aws Hammad, MD
Neil G. Harness, MD
Melvyn A. Harrington, Jr., MD, FAOA
Ryan K. Harrison, MD
Brandi Hartley, MD, FAOA
Kyle Hazelwood
Robert K. Heck, Jr., MD, FAOA
Peter Helvie
Dr. Krystin & Mitch Hidden
John W. Hinchey, MD
Christine Ann Ho, MD, FAOA
Joseph J. Hoegler, MD, FAOA
William J. Hopkinson, MD, FAOA*
Joseph R. Hsu, MD, FAOA
G. Russell Huffman, MD, MPH, FAOA
Raymond Hwang, MD, MBA
J. Benjamin Jackson, III, MD, FAOA, MBA
Pooya Javidan, MD
Andrew R. Jensen, MD
Andrew Jimenez, MD
Daniel Johnson, MD
Alan L. Jones, MD, FAOA
Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, FAOA
Rafael Kakazu, MD
Abhishek Kannan, MD
James A. Keeney, MD, FAOA*
Stephen Alan Kennedy, MD
Matthew Kergosien, MD
The Kirk Family Charitable Gift Fund
Mininder S. Kocher, MD, FAOA, MPH
Monica Kogan, MD, FAOA*
Tyler Krummenacher
Jennifer L. Kummer, MD
Justin Kyhos, MD
Claudette Lajam, MD, FAOA
Lee R. Leddy, MD, FAOA
Julia Lee
Y.J. Sean Lee
L. Scott Levin, MD, FAOA, FACS
Bruce A. Levy, MD
Xinning Li, MD, FAOA
David M. Lichtman, MD, FAOA
Carol A. Lin, MD, FAOA
Francisco Lopez-Gonzalez, MD
Douglas W. Lundy, MD, FAOA, MBA
Geoffrey S. Marecek, MD
John Marquardt, MD
Alexander Martusiewicz
Joseph Maslak, MD
Paul Matson, MD, FAOA
Collin J. May, MD*
James McCarthy
James J. McCarthy, MD, FAOA
Charles P. Melone, Jr., MD, FAOA
Bradley Merk
Heidi Michelsen-Jost, MD, FAOA
Allaaddin Mollabashy, MD
Stephanie J. Muh, MD, FAOA
Mary K. Mulcahey, MD, FAOA
Robert F. Murphy, MD
Martha M. Murray, MD, FAOA
Michael Nickoli, MD
Julia AV Nuelle, MD
Michelle O’Brien, MD
Mary I. O’Connor, MD, FAOA
Kanu Okike, MD, MPH
R. Douglas Orr, MD, FAOA
Jeremy Oryhon, MD
Greg Osgood, MD
A. Lee Osterman, MD, FAOA
Selene G. Parekh, MD, FAOA, MBA
Alpesh A. Patel, MD, FAOA, FACS, MBA
Frank X. Pedlow, Jr., MD
William A. Phillips, BS, MD, FAOA
Gregory Primus, MD
Brandon Ramo, MD
Afshin E. Razi, MD, FAOA
Frederick C. Redfern, MD, FAOA
Kevin Reilly, MD
Kim Reising
Jeff Reuben, MD
David T. Rispler, MD, FAOA
Brett Rosenthal, MD
Harry E. Rubash, MD, FAOA*
Paul T. Rubery, Jr., MD, FAOA
George V. Russell, Jr., MD, FAOA
John B. Ryan, MD, FAOA, FACS
Christian Safian
Dane Salazar, MD, FAOA
Andrew Sama, MD, FAOA*
Matthew Samuelson
M. Catherine Sargent, MD
Rick C. Sasso, MD, FAOA
Susan A. Scherl, MD, FAOA
Matthew R. Schmitz, MD, FAOA
Jonathan Schoenecker, MD, FAOA, PhD
Perry L. Schoenecker, MD, FAOA
Nicole Schroeder, MD, FAOA
Herbert S. Schwartz, MD, FAOA, FACS
Manish Sethi, MD, FAOA
William Shaughnessy
Rafael Sierra
Christian Skjong, MD
Jennifer M. Smail, MD
Mark C. Snoddy, MD
John W. Sperling, MD, MBA
Christopher Spieles, MD
Paul D. Sponseller, MD, FAOA
Uma Srikumaran
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Stauff
Chris Stephens, MD
Philipp Streubel
Peter F. Sturm, MD, FAOA
Linda Suleiman
Lisa A. Taitsman, MD, FAOA, MPH
Chadi Tannoury, MD, FAOA*
Richard H. Tashjian
Vijay Thangamani
Edwin Tingstad, MD
Michael Torchia
Laura L. Tosi, MD, FAOA*
Creighton C. Tubb, MD, FAOA
Harrison Tuttle, MD
Wakenda K. Tyler, MD, FAOA, MPH
Heather A. Vallier, MD, FAOA
Christian Veillette, MD, FRCSC
Dharmesh Vyas, MD, FAOA, PhD
Maegen J. Wallace, MD
Abner M. Ward, MD, MBA
Michael J. Weaver
Andrew J. Weiland, MD, FAOA*
Lon Weiner, MD, FAOA
Joseph Weiner, MD
Kurt R. Weiss, MD
Robert Wetzel, MD
Lydia White
Patrick W. Whitlock, MD, FAOA, PhD
J. Michael Wiater, MD, FAOA
Ryan E. Will, MD
Seann Willson
Laura Withrow
Vonda J. Wright, MD, FAOA
Dr. Alex & Kelli Yue
Peter Zarkadas, MD
Steven Zeitzew
Chunfeng Zhao, MD

*Individuals who have contributed to the AOA through OREF.