Hosts Charles Goldfarb, MD, FAOA, and Alexander Aleem, MD interview Jonathan Braman, MD, FAOA for episode two of the AOA’s new podcast, Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership.

In this episode, Dr. Braman shares key challenges of recruiting and retaining women and under-represented minorities in orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Braman also shares why it’s important, as well as how he developed his interest in this topic (hint: social media connections).

“What I want to do,” Dr. Braman says, “is get as many people into orthopaedics, as many talented, incredible, diverse, freethinking, freewheeling, brilliant people in this profession as I possibly can.”

Dr. Braman is the moderator of the 2020 AOA Annual Meeting, Symposium: Strategies for Recruiting & Retaining Women & Minorities in Orthopaedics.

To Listen:
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