The AOA is grateful for the following donors who made this recognition possible with their generous donations which also supports the AOA leadership programs.

Dr. Raffi S. & Theresa Avedian
David Bellamy, MD
Tony Bryant, MD
Matthew R. DiCaprio, MD, FAOA
John L. Eady, MD, FAOA
Mark Fahey
Parker Gibbs, MD, FAOA
Mark A. Goodman, MD
Chancellor Gray, MD
Donald Hackbarth, MD, FACS
Dr. Bill & Nan Harris
Chris Helmstedter
Bennie G.P. Lindeque, MD
Dieter Lindskog, MD, FAOA
John A. McAuliffe, MD &
   Marilyn W. McAuliffe, PhD
Allaaddin Mollabashy, MD
Bryan Moon, MD
Michael P. Mott, MD, FAOA
Mike Neel, MD
Lukas M. Nystrom, MD, FAOA
Hari Parvataneni, MD
Rajiv Rajani, MD, FAOA
Robert L. Satcher, Jr., MD, FAOA, PhD
Mark T. Scarborough, MD, FAOA
Dr. Mike & Barbara Simon
Andre R. Spiguel, MD, FAOA
Dempsey S. Springfield, MD
Brad Stephens
Scott D. Weiner, MD, FAOA
Andrew M. Wong, MD, FAOA
Dr. Thomas & Tammy Wright