The eSLOR was devised and adopted by the members of the Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors (CORD), which represents nearly all orthopaedic residency programs in the United States and several in Canada. The eSLOR is intended to provide residency programs a more concise perspective on a candidate than what is traditionally outlined in a letter.

More information and access to an eSLOR form can be found in the links below.

Why Use the SLOR?

Background on development of the SLOR.

eSLOR Instructions

Step-by-step guide to completing the eSLOR.

SLOR Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the SLOR.

For Applicants

Click here to sign an agreement and enter your ERAS AAMC ID. This step is required before an eSLOR can be completed.

For Letter Authors

If you are a letter author and want to complete an eSLOR, click here to log into the eSLOR webpage. (Completion of an eSLOR does not require AOA membership, but a non-member letter author will need to create an AOA username and password.) Before you begin, make sure you have the applicant’s ERAS AAMC ID.