The AOA is grateful for the following donors who made this recognition possible with their generous donations which also supports the AOA leadership programs.

Evan L. Flatow, MD, FAOA
Kenneth J. Koval, MD, FAOA
Residents Trained by Joseph D. Zuckerman,
   MD, FAOA at the NYU Hospital for Joint
Daniel Alfonso, MD
Scott Alpert, MD
Basil Alwattar, MD
Omri Ayalon, MD
Jorge Baez, MD
Jeffrey Bash, MD
Michael Baskies, MD
James Bazzi, MD
Bryan Beutel, MD
David Buchalter, MD
Joel Buchalter, MD
Kirk Campbell, MD
Craig Capeci, MD
Brian Capogna, MD
Sonia Chaudhry, MD
Stephen Conti, MD
Natalie Danna, MD
Craig Della Valle, MD
Hargovind DeWal, MD
Paul Dicpinigaitis, MD
Kenneth Egol, MD, FAOA
Stuart Elkowitz, MD
Marc Fajardo, MD
Douglas Fauser, MD
Ramesh Gidumal, MD
Carl Giordano, MD
Philip Glassner, MD
Stuart Gold, MD
Jeffrey Goldstein, MD
Salil Gupta, MD
James Hale, MD
Sharon Hame, MD
Stuart Hershman, MD
Damani Howell, MD
Paul Issack, MD
Gregg Jarit, MD
Gerard Jeong, MD
Kevin Kaplan, MD
Thomas Kaplan, MD
Mitchell Keschner, MD
Victor Khabie, MD
Yong Kim, MD
Meredith Lazar-Antman, MD
Brett Levine, MD
Raphael Longobardi, MD
Jerry Lubliner, MD
Kevin Lutsky, MD
Stephen Maurer, MD
Richard McCormack, MD
Steve Meadows, MD
Michael Medvecky, MD, FAOA
Robert Meislin, MD
Craig Miller, MD
David Moss, MD
Brian Neri, MD
Bernard Ong, MD
Bassam Ousman, MD
Justin Park, MD
Samuel Park, MD
David Pereira, MD
Ernest Pope, MD
Jeffrey Press, MD
Charles Preston, MD
Andrew Price, MD
Steven Puopolo, MD
Peter Pyrko, MD
Tony Quach, MD
Ayesha Rahman, MD
Michael Rettig, MD
Jeffrey Richmond, MD
Andrew Rokito, MD
Donald Rose, MD
Jeffrey Rosen, MD
Hank Ross, MD
Michael Schwartz, MD
Amaryllis Scott, MD
David Scott, MD
Rachel Shakked, MD
Michael Sidor, MD
Olga Solovyova, MD
Jeffrey Spivak, MD
Edward Su, MD
Robert Takei, MD
Joseph Thomas, MD
Carlos Uquillas, MD
Richard Wathne, MD
Kevin Wright, MD
Thomas Youm, MD
David Zelouf, MD, FAOA