The AOA is grateful for the following donors who made this recognition possible with their generous donations which also supports the AOA leadership programs.

Terri Cappello, MD
Douglas Evans, MD
Felicity Fishman, MD
Dr. Alexander & Patrice Ghanayem
William J. Hopkinson, MD, FAOA
Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, FAOA
John D. Lubahn, MD, FAOA
John P. Lubicky, MD, FAOA
M. Ather Mirza, MD, P.C.
Julia AV Nuelle, MD
Jerome Oakey, MD
A. Lee Osterman, MD, FAOA
Michael Pinzur, MD, FAOA
Dr. Paul Prinz
Peter J. Stern, MD, FAOA
Dr. & Mrs. Tsu-Min Tsai