The AOA is grateful for the following donors who made this recognition possible with their generous donations which also supports the AOA leadership programs.

Matthew Dean Beal, MD, FAOA
Laura Marie Bruse, MD, FAOA
Bradley Dunlap, MD
Thomas J. Fischer, MD, FAOA
Wayne M. Goldstein, MD, FAOA
James A. Goulet, MD, FAOA
John J. Grayhack, MD, FAOA
Stephen M. Gryzlo, MD, FAOA
Wilson Hoover Hartz, III, MD
John Hefferon, MD
James A. Hill, MD, FAOA
Wellington K. Hsu, MD, FAOA
Kyle J. Jeray, MD, FAOA
Clifford B. Jones, MD, FAAOS, FAOA
Anish Kadakia, MD, FAOA
Stephen L. Kates, MD, FAOA
John D. Kaufman, MD, FAOA
Joseph M. Lane, MD, FAOA
Bradley R. Merk, MD, FAOA
Gordon W. Nuber, MD, FAOA
Alpesh A. Patel, MD, FAOA
Terrance D. Peabody, MD, FAOA
Frederick C. Redfern, MD, FAOA
Matthew Saltzman, MD
Michael D. Stover, MD, FAOA &
   Colleen A. Malloy, MD
Patrick Sweeney, MD
Dr. Marc & Beth Swiontkowski, MD, FAOA
Robert Wetzel, MD