Tribute and Memorial Gifts

The AOA is pleased to acknowledge the individuals who have been celebrated and recognized with a tribute gift made in their name including “In Honor of” and “In Memory of”, received last year and in the current year.

The following individuals were honored with a gift made in their name.

  • Drs. Elizabeth Ames, S. Trent Guthrie, David Martin, Afshin Razi, & Kimberly Templeton, and Patrick Fritz (AAMC), Jodi Essey-Stapleton (AOA) & Corey Parker (ACGME)
    • Association of Residency Coordinators in Orthopaedic Surgery (ARCOS)
  • Andrew D. Bunta, MD, FAOA
    • Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD, FAOA
  • Ronald L. DeWald, MD and Terry Light, MD
    • John P. Lubicky, MD, FAOA
  • C. McCollister Evarts, MD, FAOA
    • John A. Bergfeld, MD, FAOA
    • Dr. Kevin P. Black & Maria Hamilton
  • Christopher Michelsen, MD
    • Heidi Michelsen-Jost, MD, FAOA
  • Brett Owens, Samir Mehta, Bang Hoang, and George Athwal
    • Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD, FAOA
  • Chit Ranawat, MD
    • Joseph C. DeFiore, Jr., MD, FAOA
  • Dr. Frank Stinchfield
    • Christopher B. Michelsen, MD, FAOA
  • James R. Urbaniak, MD, FAOA
    • L. Scott Levin, MD, FAOA

The following gifts were made in memory and celebration of the following individuals.

  • G. Paul DeRosa, MD, FAOA
    • Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD, FAOA
  • Harold M. Dick, MD, FAOA
    • Robert J. Strauch, MD, FAOA
  • Freddie H. Fu, MD, FAOA
    • Alexis C. Colvin, MD, FAOA
  • J. Leonard Goldner, MD, FAOA
    • David E. Attarian, MD, FACS, FAOA
  • Beryl and Leonard Levine
    • Dr. William Levine & Jill Konviser-Levine
  • Leslie C. Meyer, MD, FAOA
    • Edward W. Bray, III, MD, FAOA
  • Edward A. Miller, MD
    • John P. Lubicky, MD, FAOA

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