2021 CORD/Academics Committee (CAC) Election Results

Thank you to Program Directors for participating in the 2021 CORD/Academics Committee (CAC) election. The slate has passed.

Welcome to the elected CAC members:

CORD/Academics Committee Chair

Tessa Balach, MD, FAOA
Residency Program Director/Vice Chair of Education and Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee, The University of Chicago Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine

Members-at-Large (Allopathic)

  • Raffi S. Avedian, MD, FAOA (4-year term)
  • Trent Guthrie, MD, FAOA (3-year term)

Member-at-Large (Osteopathic)

Timothy S. Ackerman, DO, FAOA, FAOAO (3-year term)

Member-at-Large (Canadian)

Henry M. Broekhuyse, MD, FAOA (3-year term)

Newly Appointed CAC Members

Additional welcome to newly appointed CAC members whose term begins July 1, 2021:

  • J. Milo Sewards, MD, FAOA, Temple University, Vice Chair/Communications Lead
  • Mary K. Mulcahey, MD, FAOA, 2022 CORD Conferences Co-Program Chair
  • Afshin Razi, MD, FAOA, Accreditation & Compliance/ACGME Representative
  • Ericka Lawler, MD, FAOA, Liaison (Fellowship education)
  • Nicole Schroeder, MD, FAOA
  • Brian P. Scannell, MD, FAOA
  • M. Daniel Wongworawat, MD, FAOA, Education Subcommittee Chair

Thank You to Retiring CAC Committee Members

Sincere gratitude is extended to CAC members, with terms ending in June 2021:

  • Joshua C. Patt, MD, MPH, FAOA, CORD/Academics Committee Chair
  • George Dyer, MD, FAOA
  • Monica Kogan, MD, FAOA
  • James Holmes, MD, FAOA
  • Dawn LaPorte, MD, FAOA
  • Fraser J. Leversedge, MD, FAOA
  • Vasilios Moutzouros, MD, FAOA
  • Kimberly J. Templeton, MD, FAOA
  • Marc Trzeciak, DO
  • Joseph K. Weistroffer, MD, FAOA

Continued Appreciation

And continued appreciation for members who currently serve on the CAC:

  • Norman Chutkan, MD, FAOA
  • Charles S. Day, MD, FAOA
  • Paul Dougherty, MD, FAOA
  • Danielle Greig, MD
  • Brandi Hartley, MD, FAOA
  • Melvyn Harrington, MD, FAOA
  • Lindsay M. Maier, MD
  • Brent Ponce, MD, FAOA

The CORD/Academics Committee looks forward to another productive year in helping to establish best practices in orthopaedic graduate medical education.